Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Line in Time 8-6-2011

Greetings, Y'all Poets, Bards, n Troubadours, I am now with n0t one but two blue screens of death.  It is likely going to be about 2 weeks before I expect my computer work to be back on track.  Once I restore the "machine" I'll have to re-load all the software.  Hence the Blog and the website will remain as you read it right now for a couple of more weeks.  Skipping Stones:  gotta wait until I am fully restored on the computer before I can begin to carefully search and access my data files to continue progress on the anthology.  Will keep y'all advised as events happen and I'm back online.  In the meantime I appreciate your patience.
from 6 to 8:30 HRW (L) check Hampton Roads Writers' website for information where their open-mic events are happening.
Every Friday evening the Prime-Time Poetry Show (L) at Bean There Cafe with Synnika Lofton MC in downtown Norfolk will entertain your ear for verse and  feed your need to read.

The Venue at 35th (L) Street in Norfolk hosts an evening of open mic entertainment from music to story-telling to poetry to drama every Monday evening and late-week and weekend entertainment most of the time. (L) tells most all, albeit misses one or another from time to time. Most of the cited events and venues can be found on the website, often on a link on the Home page or at least from the link to Monthly/Weekly (L) events on the front page as well as from elsewhere inside the website.  While you are at the Monthly/Weekly page there, be sure to check out the last/bottom entry for Wednesday - that's an invitation to enjoy late afternoon sun and breezes and the surf and catching a few poems as the sun begins to sag into the landlocked side of the horizon.

Look ahead to the Hampton Roads Writers third annual Writers' Conference
 (L) September 22- 24 at the Double Tree Inn in Virginia Beach.
B.A.R. represents theBayside Authors' Room at AFK Books, Bayside Shopping Center on the corner of Shore Drive and Pleasure House Road.  They meet the second Sunday monthly from 5-7 p.m.  No fees, no officers...just take turns by draws at readings, critiques, scripts (scenes) play readings...all literary genres.  "We raise the Bar" on creative writing and social responsibilities.  Contact Jeanne Foster for more information at her e-address:
Newest new event coming to my attention, Jamal Ali Richardson alerts me to the new open mic he is hositing every Tuesday evening from 7 pm at Static Bar & Lounge, 5266 Princess Anne Road in VB.  FREE.  From 9 until closing, it becomes Poetry and Karioki.  Drop by, check it out.  Take a few photos.  Let me know what you think - how you like it, a .jpg photo or a few, and I'll see what is good for the website.

Writing won't make you fat, nor leave you hung over. But if we don't munch and drink while writing and sharing our stuff, then why do we do it? - write, I mean.
Hoo ahhhhhhhhh
          pete/the mindworm