Thursday, April 28, 2011


Greetings Y'all Poets, Bards n Troubadours,

Welcome back [FINALLY!!] to the weekly NewsLetter of what's goin' on all over Hampton Roads after the humongous computer crash of 2010 that wiped out a few gigabytes of stored files, including everything dealing with SKIPPING STONES.

The new look is what you are seeing right here [the extended and relatively detailed highlights and notices of what is going on this week, a little of next week and the coming month, and some irreverent commentary]. I will send the weekly alert e-post that I've posted the latest blog updates as of (usually Sunday or Monday) for the coming week. The truth is that I will update the blog whenever I post significant new or updated links to the writing scene in general and the poetry scene in particular. I will post most of what we may think of as "hard copy" (in that it comes to me as either paper or HTML (webtext) and I post it to the website and then link it here. That is much of what I have already been doing, except I was doing a bulk newsletter of typically two pages every week and sending it out to some 18 mailing lists to limited numbers of multiple addressees.

What you will see now is a brief newsletter alerting you to check the blog if you haven't already done so, and otherwise welcoming new subscribers (it's still free), and a few light teasers to look for in the blog.  In the blog [like this entry] I will embed many links to pages updated and to specific information that I post on the website - the blog links just make it much easier and quicker to scoot around the website finding timely information.  I would be remiss if I failed here to recognize and acknowledge all of you who send me information about what is going on out in the community [like at the Muse or in Hampton or Willieborough or at the Beach, even Richmond] I mean, it's all over the place, and y'all are feeding me so I can pass it along to everyone else.

Along the way I'll find what works better and what not so well. You are a part of that. See, this is a two-way conversation. If something here puts your knickers in a knot, or is incorrect/inaccurate, or otherwise smells bad, tell me (you can respond to a blog - ain't that grand?).  And don't be afraid to hurt my sensitive little feelings; this geezer'z been around long enough to know his butt's been kicked more than enough times, usually well deserved, and I can handle it. And, although I do actually act on your suggestions, I also reserve the privilege of ignoring a suggestion or two from time to time. But I will try to acknowledge your comments. If it's working for you, pointing you to the information you want to know, I shouldn't change it or otherwise mess with what appears to be working. So tell me that too. What works for you? What doesn't?

Last but not least, I have to thank all of you for your patience during these months of episodic appearances of A LINE IN TIME and the website wallowing in stale postings, although it did still have some helpful material available. The hard part was sorting what was and what was not valid and current. Y'all have stuck by me and continued encouraging me all along. And I bow down and thank you all for your amazing support and enthusiasm. We're all in this together, so keep on truckin' y'all.

Well, that's more than enough - ya see what I mean? I don't need to send out a bulky piece of bloated blabbering like this 18 times every week. Just post it on the blog and let it go. Now I just gotta keep up with the blog and the website to keep 'em current. Oh, the blog? It's right here. You're reading it and can respond to it, even refer others to it if you want [or caution them away from it if you'd rather]. If you like it, pass it along. Tell others about it.

Read much. Watch, listen.

Life is Poetry. Write, for
Poetry is Life.

Hoo ahhhhhhhhh
     pete, the mindworm